May’s Reading Group material

On May 23rd, we will be having another reading group, this time focused on the race privilige and identity gathering that happened in Bristol in 2009.

7pm, Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton,

Suggested Readings are:

White Ally Response to the racist Bristol Race Privilege and Identity gathering and subsequent racists harassment by email.
(First published in Race Revolt Issue 5)

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April’s Reading

Wednesday 27th April
7pm- 9pm @ Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft

Extract from Cameron’s speech at the Munich security conference
Sunday Feb 5th

Can we talk about muslim homophobia now?
Johann Hari, journalist, feeds the racism of the right.
February 2011,
Choose from the many letters demanding the cancellation of East End Gay Pride. Thanks to the Safra project for collating all the different pieces written in one place:

Homonationalism by Queer Intersectional Blog
This piece talks about this term and shines light on the broader context behind the proposed (and later cancelled due to pressure by queer muslims and queer of color groups) Eastend Gay Pride.

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March Reading Group

Following on from the Queer Modes of Belonging reading group and gathering, organised by Race Revolt, those of us who took part from Bristol have decided that we want to keep meeting for discussion of racism within queer/alternative communities.

Monday 28th March,
7pm @ Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton

We think that ongoing discussion on how gay rights discourses and actions are being used to further marginalise people of colour is an important part of taking action to fight this racism. We invite people commited to anti-racist practices to take part even if you didn’t attend the earlier conversations.

This reading group address race and racism in LGBTQI communities,which primarily impacts on people of colour. We want to conduct our discussions in a safe anti-racist space, and therefore we have collectively developed these ground rules These were written by Race Revolt with some additions made by us during the previous group. Before coming please take the time to read these carefully and give them consideration.

Kinky Salon’s Racist Apology Remixed:
by Who are we
Kinky Salon is a queer sex-positive club night in London. They recently announced that they were going to have a Jungle themed night. This text is a remix of the ‘apology’ the organisers made after queers of colour called out the problems with such a night.

“Radical” Queer Racism: Ladidah, Censorship and Islamaphobia
by Mike Upton (from Race Revolt, Issue Five)

Coda on Dutch Politics
(from Is Critique Secular? Blasphemy, Injury and Free Speech, by Judith Butler, Talal Asad, Wendy Brown & Saba Mahmood, 2009)
Judith Butler (PDF, 4.62mb)

Sites of Resistance or Sites of Racism
That’s revolting!: Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation, by Priyank Jindal.)
for a printable copy please email

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